Software development company VIHOR Ltd. was established in 2008 in Niš. The main activity is projecting, development and implementation of business software.

Contemporary business practice impose need for simple, rapidly developed solutions, like our products are - resulted from collaboration of our development team and our customers. High quality of our products is achieved by respecting of our customers' needs and suggestions, that makes our products reliable and simple to operate, that leads to increased efficiency, modernization of business processes and significant saving of time and costs.


Web Design & Development

Our software development team is highly motivated and devoted to the job. Our knowledge and experience are employed to analyse project and functional demands, envision future software in creative manner, develop, test and implement original problem solving software solutions.

Apart from our products that are developed already, our future customers are offered with creation of tailored data processing systems to make every day job easier, enable further development and open new business perspectives.


Software development

Tailored desktop and web based applications.

Responsive web design

Enables optimal display, simple use and web browsing adjusted to variety of devices.

Microsoft tehnologies

Asp.NET(WebForms/MVC), WinForms.NET, MSSQL

Satisfied customers

Because we save time and money!


Partner projects

Development Consulting Group (DCG Ltd.) is Belgrade based consulting company, our partner from the very beginning. We have jointly developed and implemented several specific solutions, some of them have matured into standard packages we offer now:

The complete software solution for Local Economic Development Office support - LEDIS, Public procurement Information system e-Procurement and Project Management IS - PROMIS

European Partnership with Municipalities Programme

As a part of European Partnership with Municipalities Programme – EU PROGRES, comprehensive competitiveness study on 34 municipalities and cities of Southern and South-eastern Serbia. We developed web based tool to calculate indices for custom developed methodology comprising 500 indicators measuring municipal competitiveness. DCG and Vihor jointly represented our work on NEXPO Fair Rijeka, Croatia in 2013.

Brownfield location investment promotion

During the period between January 2014 and January 2015, the USAID Sustainable Local Development Project (SLD) supported the brownfield location promotion activity – South Serbia Brownfield Recycling. This portal was created in cooperation with partner towns and municipalities.

Tailored software solutions

Using the inovative technologies, with sensitive insight for our customers needs, helped us to develop complex products that can inrease our clients' performance.

Active collaboration with clients

Our solutions are envisioned for constant upgrade and expansion. In creating several products, many municipalities from Serbia and the region took part, and we want to thank them for that effort.





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