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Local Economic Development Information System

Unique software solution, designed to support Local Economic Development Offices (LEDO). Practical and easy to use guide that helps municipal LEDO in data gathering, processing and simple use. Makes LEDO work more efficient and transparent, as well as dorect upload of data to the municipal or LEDO website, directly from the program.

It is a tool for establishment of high quality database, in order to support sustainable community development and project implementation, investment promotion, small and medium enterprises growth, tourism development and new jobs creation.

This universally applicable system is designed so be used in progressive and forward looking municipalities, comprising all key elements of Local Economic Development at one place.

LEDIS is consisted of several modules, for various aspects of LED :

  • Community Profile
  • Tourism
  • SME Register
  • Workforce
  • Agriculture
  • Municipal Strategies
  • Project management
  • Investment locations
  • Available business premises
  • Partner institutions
  • HR module
  • Diaspora registry
  • Project initiatives
  • Legislation registry
  • Activity planner
  • Knowledge base

Project Management Information System

Project management information system emerged from cooperation with Development Consulting Group from Belgrade. Provides quick and easy monitoring of all aspects of project implementation in real time. Resolves all obstacles on the way of successful project implementation, its activities and results.

Easy access to information monitored: Funding sources, deadlines, project value, project manager, status of it, outcome. PROMIS grants project manager full insight into main aspects of project, easy planing and implementation.

Clear project elements, better communication among people implementing the project, partners and users, full data control, efficient and easy accessible archive. Simple follow up on projects/grants/contracts, enhanced project control capability, financial planning and track record.


Provides real time data exchange between people in the field with project manager, since the field offices are automatically connected to project database via PROMIS server. All that is needed is Internet connection on both locations.

In PROMIS you can keep all relevant data about human resources engaged in the project, including CVs of all persons, contact info, and other relevant data, planned activities, and time sheet calculation.

All project activities, ongoing and planned, can be entered into planner, that can display all activities on week level, or filtered by project selected.

All project related financial transactions can be easily monitored, and divided by category, like consultant fees, transportation, accommodation, material, per diam etc. This means that project manager can at any given time get financial breakdown for every project by simple click on a button.


The first, and so far the only electronic solution for automation of public procurement process, from annual plan, including budget planning, all the way to contract execution (successful shipment of goods, services or works completed within contracted quality and time frame).

e-Procurement is information system that keeps all procurements in centralized manner, granting authorized users to needed information. Clearly defined steps in the process, simple data entry, reporting in correct format - quick and easy. Centralized database - efficient search capability, automated document creation, complete record on all procuremets at one place, including direct link with financial office.


Publishing of annual procurement plan on procurer's website, makes bidders easier to prepare for the tender and make better bids. Information are available to higher number of potential bidders without territorial limitations - better quality for lower price. PP Office monitors all aspects of contract execution.

Fair competition, based on clearly defined specifications and criteria, ability to make bid opening public, and visible to all bidders, as well as printing and distribution of bid opening report on the spot. Automatic ponder calculation, according to previously defined criteria - error probability is extremely low.


  • Electronic library of all laws and relevant bylaws
  • List of all human resources needed to establish Public procurement commission, with info on their qualifications, education and experience
  • Bidder information are easy accessible
  • Automatic link between procurements and budget execution, financial plan generation
  • Annual plan creation
  • Quarterly report on one mouse click!

Management Information System

The system monitors data regarding production and organization, as well as financial parameters of business, on monthly basis, to locate bottle necks and make production and services more efficient.

Management Information System is sofrware solution for centralised gathering and data processing about performance of Public Utility Companies running water supply and sewage networks in medium sized municipalities in Serbia.

The purpose of the system is monitoring of business performance of 13 PUCs, on monthly basis to establish long term self sustainability of water supply system through adopting new tariff model and other steps, that will provide cost coverage, but also investmets, by international financial institutions credit lines.

Vihor and DCG are part of this project, implemented by Austrian SETEC Engineering company, and under patronage of Republic of Serbia's Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure and KfW (German development bank).


Vihor Ltd was engaged by Swiss Red Cross and International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to envision and develop Information system for Cash Transfer Program to assist Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Software solution that made running of the program possible, we have created, developed and implemented in extremely limited timeframe, couple of weeks to have first functional version, as it was enforced by the situation.

It is complete system for keeping records on beneficiaries, targeting the most vulnerable groups, creating bank requests for issuing debit bank cards and charging those cards on monthly basis, and also receiving confirmation from the bank that assistance was withdrawn on bank's ATMs. This made possible efficient control over the project and monitoring as well. Reporting towards donors was performed with strict protection of beneficiaries' personal data.

Syrian population that have found refuge in Jordan (approx 5000 families with over 17000 people) so far have received over 7 million EUR of assistance, in local currency, Jordanian dinars.


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As a part of European Partnership with Municipalities Programme – EU PROGRES, comprehensive competitiveness study on 34 municipalities and cities of Southern and South-eastern Serbia was conducted by DCG. We developed web based tool to calculate indices for custom developed methodology comprising 500 indicators measuring municipal competitiveness.

The purpose of the study was to point out to the municipalities and cities the level of their competitiveness, and to make them able to compare their resources, potentials and capacities with other local self governments.

The study was based on data regarding municipalities and cities collected from various accessible sources, and on information collected on the field. With two rounds of visits to all cities and municipalities, 294 focus groups were held, with total of 1539 participants, and each local governments have filled 20 questionnaires from various areas, and provided certain documents as evidence. Also, 11 meetings and one focus group was held with representatives of central level institutions and donors. We would like to thank to all interlocutors who provided data to us, without them, this database would not be comprehensive enough.


DLSS is monitoring tool of social protection services in local communities in Serbia, created for Republic Institute for Social protection. It comprises data about social service providers, and their beneficiaries. Overview can be presented in several ways: By type of service (presence of the service in all cities and municipalities in Serbia), or by territory, meaning that it is possible to list all services provided in chosen city or municipality.

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During the period between January 2014 and January 2015, the USAID Sustainable Local Development Project (SLD) supported the brownfield location promotion activity -South Serbia Brownfield Recycling.

This portal was created in cooperation with partner towns and municipalities, that were willing to help their companies in decline in marketing, since they recognized their potentials for development of local economy.

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HR Database of Qatar Red Crescent is hybrid information system, consisted of Database stored on online MSSQL Server, desktop application to run HR process, and web based registration form.

The purpose of the system was to provide HR data handling for Qatar Red Crescent, especially regarding disaster response and international missions. It contains various information about people enlisted. All their detailed personal and professional data, their trainings attended, previous engagements or vaccines they were treated with. Also current operations, and lists of skills needed and vaccines for certain country.

There was also track record on all training organized by QRC, with lists of participants. Various user levels are implemented too.