Web & Desktop

The main activity is projecting, development and implementation of business software. We have participated in implementation of various projects, creating specific desktop and web based application. By using innovative technologies and understanding the processes, we managed to develop and implement complex products that can increase business performance of our clients.

Responsive web design

Enables optimal display, simple use and web browsing adjusted to variety of devices

Galaxy Nexus

Tailored software!

Apart from development of custom solutions, matching the client's needs, we also offer three software products "off the shelf": LEDIS – developed as support tool for Local Economic Development Offices, PROMIS – Project implementation tracking tool, for entities engaged in several project simultaneously eNabavka – tool for implementing the entire Procurement process, from annual budget planning to contract execution

Software under constant development

Our products are envisioned to be upgraded and improved on regular basis. Our popular package LEDIS will get its web based version. Flexibility, simplicity and efficiency will be the main features of new, easy to use, Web LEDIS.

Development Team

Our software development team is highly motivated and devoted to the job. Our knowledge and experience are employed to analyse project and functional demands, envision future software in creative manner, develop, test and implement original problem solving software solutions.

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